Benefits as a Buyer

Reduction Of Process Costs

Getting the best prices from reliable suppliers


Easy to use and integrate in everyday workflow

Time Saving

Define your own time limit for requests to get the best quotes


Modern and advanced platform to keep you ahead of your competitors

Supply Chain

The Platform has good and reliable suppliers which secures your supply chain

Direct Contact

Get in direct contract with the Suppliers


Pooling the world of chemistry

PINPOOLS offers an additional procurement channel as well as previously undiscovered suppliers. The community of purchasing and selling companies is continuously expanded by our team. We are happy to add your desired partners as well; on-boarding takes only ten minutes. That way you can access your business network via one platform.

Saving of time & reduction of costs

The centralized and automatized flow of information promises a noticeable reduction of transaction costs and time spent. Because you can view all quotes on one medium, the effort of procuring is generally optimized. All offers you receive are binding and will certainly be abided by, so your supply chain is always secured.

Detailed statistics

PINPOOLS allows you to create detailed statistics concerning requests you participated in or products you offer. You can for example follow product trends or price developments and as a result optimize your future sales processes even further.

0% Fee for purchasers

Publishing requests for quotes (requests) on PINPOOLS is free of charge. We make money by taking a small fee (from 100€/month). This is paid for by the suppliers. Additionally, we are developing premium functions (solvency, etc.) for the platform which we will also monetarize.

Guaranteed Independence

PINPOOLS is a 100 % independent platform. That means that we do not receive any funds by distributors or producers, or have any other affiliations with these. The auctions presented on PINPOOLS are thus entirely neutral and not influenced in any way.

Continuous development

In the near future, we will include services such as logistics management and automatized information transfer (e.g. data sheet handling and force majeure notifications). The platform is constantly improved and we are always happy about your feedback.

Data safety

Securing your data is a top priority for us. Therefore, only the purchaser can view the given quotes for his or her request. The participating suppliers view merely a ranking. Furthermore, only approved suppliers may participate our auction. For additional data safety our servers are exclusively located in Germany.

Direct access to your partners

During the entire procurement process the direct contact between supplier and purchaser remains intact. That way, suppliers can contact you directly via the platform in case there are any open questions concerning your request. PINPOOLS is merely the tool to handle the transaction.

Simple process to use PINPOOL


Create your personal Company Profile


Publish product request according to your need


Invite suppliers that will participate in the request


Select the best suppliers according to your terms


Enter the sales contract with the selected supplier directly

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