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  • 2-(Methylamino)acetic acid

    CAS Number: 107-97-1

  • EINECS No: 203-538-6

  • Molecular Formula: C3H7NO2

  • Molecular Weight: 89.094 g/mol

  • Synonyms: N-methylaminoacetic acid, N-methyl-glycine, N-Methylglycocoll, N-Methylglycine, Glycine, N-methyl-, Methylaminoacetic Acid, MeNHCH2CO2H, MeHNCH2CO2H, Sarcosine, N-Methylglycine, (Methylamino)acetic acid, Sarcosin, N-Methylglycin, Sarkosin

  • Description: 2-(Methylamino)acetic acid or sarcosine is an intermediate and byproduct in glycine synthesis and degradation. It has a role as a glycine transporter 1 inhibitor, a glycine receptor agonist, a human metabolite and its formula is C3H7NO2.

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