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  • Benzylamine

    CAS Number: 100-46-9

  • EINECS No: 202-854-1

  • Molecular Formula: C7H9N

  • Molecular Weight: 107.156 g/mol

  • Synonyms: Phenylmethanamine, BENZYL AMINE, phenylmethanamine, phenylmethanaminium, BENZYLAMIN, (ACIDIMETRISCH), PHENYL-METHANAMINE , , Benzylamine, alpha-Aminotoluene, Benzenemethanamine, Phenylmethylamine, Benzylamin, alpha-Aminotoluol, Phenylaminomethan, Phenylmethylamin

  • Description: Benzylamine is an organic chemical compound which is a colorless to light yellow liquid with a strong odor of ammonia.Mostly found in apple and its formula is C7H9N.

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