For Suppliers

PINPOOLS Marketplace is a perfect platform to expand your business. Get connected and do business with buyers across Europe. PINPOOLS offers different pricing plans to find the best fitting solution for your company! We offer one trial month for free for the new suppliers.

Minimum costs

Small User fee to access global customers


Easy to use and integrate in everyday workflow

Time Saving

Get access to a large number of leads in no time


Modern and advanced platform to keep you ahead of your competitors

Expand Your Brand Name

Increase your brand popularity among the buyers

Active Participation

Active participation leads to increased won quotes

Supply Chain

A new sales channel to broaden your business

Direct Contact

Get in direct contract with the buyers

Supplier Highlights

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How does PINPOOLS Work

Step 1

Registered Supplier

Suppliers make their company profile

Step 2

Product Portfolio

The suppliers upload their products to their profile

Step 3

PINPOOLS Marketplace

Suppliers are notified to quote for requests matching their product portfolio

Step 4

Suppliers Quotation

The suppliers provide quotation(s) for requested product(s)

Step 5

Approved Quotation

The selected supplier and the buyer proceed with the deal

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