Arkem Chemicals Germany

Arkem Chemicals Germany
Germany 47506, Neukirchen-Vluyn Pascalstraße 4

As one of the leading companies in its sector, Arkem operates in distribution, storage and transportation of bulk and packaged chemicals. Established in 1992, Arkem reaches its customers throughout the world with its current and expanding office network in Turkey, Europe, USA and China. With its experienced and professional team, strong financial structure, qualified workforce, and reliable business partners, Arkem Chemicals provides integrated services that are customer-oriented, innovative, safe and environmentally conscious. The company handles over 500 different chemicals including monomers, alcohols, aromatics/aliphatics, esters, glycols, glycol ethers, plastics, amines, fatty acids/alcohols, ketones, surfactants, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients etc. With its total annual sales around 300.000 mt, Arkem mainly provides ingredients for industries such as paint, glue, ink, packaging, pharmacy, polyester, polymer, sanitary products, construction, textile, cosmetic, agriculture, leather industries. Arkem Chemicals brings the products of world’s leading international producers to its customers. Among its main suppliers are companies such as Shell Chemicals, Sasol Solvents , Lyondellbasell, Sabic, Galp Energia, Kuraray, Cepsa, MEGlobal, Kraton ,Oleo Chemicals, Sasol Surfactants , DSM.

  • Dimethylketal,Pyroacetic ether,Brenzessiggeist,Dimethylketon,2-Propanon,Methylacetyl,Pyroessigether,Propan-2-on,Ketopropan,Aceton,Methyl ketone,propan-2-one,Methyl acetyl,Ketone propane,Dimethyl ketone,Dimethylketal,Dimethylformaldehyde,Propan-2-one,Acetone,Dimethyl ketone,Pyroacetic ether,Essiggeist



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  • butan alcohol,n-C4H9OH,Butanol-1,n-Butul alcohol,1-butyl alcohol,n-butyl alcohol,,1-Butanol,n-Butanol,Butyl alcohol,Propyl carbinol,1-Butanol,n-Butanol,Butylalkohol,Propylcarbinol,Butyl alcohol



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  • 2-Buta,Methyl ethyl ketone,Meetco,Buta,ethyl-methyl-ketone,Methyl acetone,MEK,Ethyl Methyl ketone,Methyl ethyl ketone,test product,Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)



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  • 1,2-dihydroxy ethane,1,2-Dihydroxyethane,Ethylene glycol,1,2-Dihydroxyethan,Ethylenalkohol,Glykol,1,2-Ethandiol,Monoethylenglykol,Ethylenglykol,Ethylene alcohol,1,2-Ethanediol,Glycol,Ethane-1,2-diol,Monoethylene glycol,Ethylene glycol,2-hydroxy ethanol,Ethane-1,2-diol,1,2-Dihydroxyethane,Monoethyleneglycol (MEG)



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