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  • Formamide

    CAS Number: 75-12-7

  • EINECS No: 200-842-0

  • Molecular Formula: CH3NO

  • Molecular Weight: 45.041 g/mol

  • Synonyms: potassium deuteroformate,Formamide,Hydroxyformaldimin,Formimidsaeure,formic-d acid,potassium salt,formimidic acid,Kalium-d-formiat,Potassium formate-d,formamidic acid,Formamide,Carbamaldehyde,Methanamide,Formamid,Ameisensäureamid,Methanamid

  • Description: Formamide, also known as methanamide, is an amide derived from formic acid, appears clear liquid which is miscible with water and has an ammonia-like odor. It is chemical feedstock for the manufacture of sulfa drugs, other pharmaceuticals, herbicides and its formula is CH3NO.