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  • (S)-1-Cyclopropylethylamine

    CAS Number: 195604-39-8

  • EINECS No: 220-098-0

  • Molecular Formula: C5H11N

  • Molecular Weight: 85.1475 g/mol

  • Synonyms: S)-1-CYCLOPROPYLETHYLAMINE,(S)-1-Cyclopropylethylamine, ChiPros 98%, ee 98+%,(S)-1-CyclopropylethylaMine, ChiPros|r, 98%, ee 98+%,(S)-1-CyclopropylethylaMine ChiPros(R), produced by BASF, 99%,(1S)-1-Cyclopropylethanamine,EOS-62097,(S)-1-cyclopropylethan-1-amine, 97.5%,ChiPros®

  • Description: (S)-1-Cyclopropylethylamine is corrisive in nature and its formula is C5H11N. Mainly used as active pharmaceutical drugs and intermediates possess different biological activities.

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